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Frau und Herr Trachmann Schlauberger = Smartypants: Smart books – Smart children

The Schlauberger publishing house and its aims:
Schlauberger-Verlag, established on 25 May 2007 by Vera and Harald Trachmann, is an independent publisher of books for children and young people.
Schlauberger books present exciting, informative subjects that are brought to life through remarkable photographs and illustrations. These are books to fire the imagination and awaken a delight in discovery and knowledge.

In today’s world, good language skills can be the key to a successful career, which is why Schlauberger books are bilingual: in German and English. The English text appears alongside the German, making it easy for children to read and learn in both languages. Ideal for bilingual children, for bilingual classroom teaching and for everyone who wants to give children the opportunity to learn a foreign language at an early age – or even refresh their own language skills easily. Our books are a treasure trove; a rare find for inquisitive children, their parents and grandparents. Schlauberger books guarantee high-quality content, layout and presentation. We are concerned about the environment and sustainability. We select our book topics with great care, preferring to publish a small selection of good, timeless books:
quality not quantity.

Schlauberger books are not nine-day wonders. They accompany children and young people through the years and are even re-read with pleasure by adults.
Schlauberger books are friends for life.

Whether you have praise, criticism, questions or suggestions, Schlauberger Verlag would love to hear from you!
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Team The Schlauberger team

Vera & Harald Trachmann: Publisher
Jürgen Klein: Graphic designer
Ros Mendy: Graduate Translator German-English
Claudia Pusitsch: Translator English-German
Hannelore Abt: Proofreader, Editoral office
Arno Merkel: Copy editor
Gerlinde Keller: Illustrator

Wolfgang Makosch: Illustrator
Eilinghoff+Team: Advertising agency

Our Authors

Dr. Irmgard Meißl
Marion Menzel Ritter
Solveig A. Prusko
Dr. Jürgen Schmoll
Vera Trachmann

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