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Vera Trachmann AUTHOR

Vera Trachmann

The author, Vera Trachmann, was born on 5th February 1951 in Forbach in the north of the Black Forest in Germany. She and her husband have lived in Rheine since autumn 1974, where they run the Falken pharmacy that they set up together. As a trained teacher, Vera Trachmann studied interesting, informative literature for children and teenagers in great detail, but for years did not have the time to do any writing herself. Then a chance event came to her assistance in the form of a blackbird that built a nest on her windowsill and proceeded to sit on its eggs.

Vera Trachmann seized the opportunity and used her photographs and notes to produce a wonderful book called "The Little Blackbirds" ("Hallo! Wir sind die Amselkinder"). Friends in the USA encouraged her to have the text translated into English. So the idea of bilingual non-fiction children’s books in German and English with fascinating, real-life photographs was born. It has remained a hallmark of the Schlauberger publishing house, which she and her husband set up in 2007, to this day. “The Little Blackbirds” was followed by more non-fiction books for children and young people: “Buzz and the Honeybees” and “Clacky the White Stork”, and there are more books in the pipeline.

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Volcanoes – Fury in the Ring of Fire

The half-term holidays have started earlier for Max and Anna Eppelmann this year. Marie-Fleur, their mother, asked the headmaster für permission – a good decision, as it turns out.

Ans while their classmates are still in lessons, secretly bored, Max and Anna are already on a plane with their parents, on their way to Portland, USA, where Uncle Bob, Paul Eppelmann‘s brother, lives and works as a volcanologist.

They have no way of knowing what adenventures lie in store. Anna‘s disappearance in one of Portland‘s big shopping malls is one of the more harmless surprises that await them. The very next day, as they set off for their planned week-long adventure trip to the mountains, everything is turned upside down when they witness a violent volcanic eruption.

After such an experience, it is only natural that Anna and Max find volcanoes fascinating and aks countless questions: why volcanoes exist, for instance, why they erupt, jow many of them are dangerous and what the structure of the earth has to do with all of this.
Luckily, Uncle Bob is a specialist when it comes to questions like these ......


Volcanoes – Fury in the Ring of Fire

Binding: Hardcover
Format: 30 x 24,5 cm
Pages: 152
Price: 23,90 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-9816471-0-5

Language: Bilingual (DE/ENG)
Author: Vera Trachmann
Translation: R. Mendy
For ages: 8 - 99 years